Who are we

Global African Development Association (GADA) is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at developing Africa and Africans globally.

At GADA we work to create innovative, timely solutions that confront the unprecedented problems seen around the world today.

There are issues that afflict all of us in the world today, things that are generally beyond our limited view of the world and ourselves today. At GADA we believe that every individual can make a difference, and if we all come together we can cause an unprecedented movement that will ripple positivity and change for the better across the entire world.

People often believe that they cannot affect change, however here at GADA we know that every good action counts, and we believe that all individuals in the community will take action when called to a positive cause that will make a profound impact to suffering seen across the globe. We must work today against the ills of yesterday to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

We are committed to becoming something we have never been, something our formal education has not prepared us for. We aim to contribute to Africa in ways that benefit all of humanity, we want to make developments bigger, more courageous, greater in spirit and larger in outlook, than ever before.

By 2025 we aim to have built the GADA centre in Ethiopia which will serve as a central hub of organisation for cultural, intellectual and sustainable agricultural projects. Although the hub will be centred in Ethiopia, its contributions and influence will stretch across the entire continent of Africa and beyond to all interested in the development of the Africa on a global, unprecedented scale.

Sunday, October 6, 1963- Haile Selassie I at the United Nations

The problems which confront us today are, equally, unprecedented. They have no counterparts in human experience. Men search the pages of history for solutions, for precedents, but there are none. 

This, then, is the ultimate challenge.

Where are we to look for our survival, for the answers to the questions which have never before been posed?

We must look, first, to Almighty God, Who has raised man above the animals and endowed him with intelligence and reason.

We must put our faith in Him, that He will not desert us or permit us to destroy humanity which He created in His image.

And we must look into ourselves, into the depth of our souls.

We must become something we have never been and for which our education and experience and environment have ill-prepared us.

We must become bigger than we have been, more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook. 

We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations but to our fellow men within the human community.


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