Within Sub-Saharan Africa alone there are over 32 million children of primary school age who are uneducated. We believe this has been a major influencing factor on the mass migration out of the continent by many African families in the past few decades.

In 1998 our founder Ras Habte Wold and his associates completed the construction of a house in Sheshemane that was gifted to the Baugh family, who had repatriated themselves to Ethiopia from Jamaica in 1968. Since their passing the house has become a school and a cornerstone of the community with around 200 children being taught each day. These are mainly children who suffer from HIV, Tuberculosis and other ailments which prevent them from being accepted into mainstream schools. We hope to build more schools that encourage the inclusivity of learning for all children.

We will continue this work by providing the basic resources required to effectively educate such as engagement material and courses as well as pens, pencils, books and classroom furniture as education is the most important thing in the world for every child helping to prepare them to be functioning members of society, sadly many countries can not afford to spend resources for schools in rural areas across Africa.

We encourage the emergence of new schools across the continent to seek to help provide an avenue for young diaspora African graduates and professionals to come and guest visit/teach in.

The GADA centre in Sheshemane will play a large role in how we plan to contribute to education in Africa. Alongside hosting conferences, displays and events, it will house an innovative think-tank hub dedicated to sustainable cultural, social, educational projects that will stretch across the continent. We are committed to housing the individuals and powerful id

eas that will contribute to an “African Brain Gain”, allowing for Africa to be celebrated as a centre of modern culture and education.

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If you are interested in volunteering in a school in Ethiopia express your interest here (add hyperlink to contact page?)