Plant a tree

“Plant a tree” is an environmental project ran by G.A.D.A that plants trees to help reduce the negative effects of climate change. Alongside being home to over 80& of the world’s biodiversity, trees sustain humanity by absorbing harmful carbon from the atmosphere and releasing the oxygen we use to breathe. Just as importantly, trees produce food and helps to protect against soil erosion by cycling nutrients, a major importance on a continent which relies heavily upon its natural resources for the health of its economy.

Besides their ecological function, forests are the key ingredient in one quarter of all medicines and are a great source for sustainable goods such as timber, fuel and bio products.

Food-producing trees guarantee health and nutrition by providing fruit, nuts, berries and leaves for consumption for people and animals, whilst forest spaces can be used as beautiful recreation spaces that are filled with social and cultural benefits for all of the family, because alongside providing shade to help protect our skin from the harshness of the sun, trees help to alleviate stress and anxiety by allowing us to reconnect with nature.

All donations will go towards planting and caring for the trees which will later be used to distribute saplings to create strong, healthy forests across the continent, specifically in locations that have been over-exploited for timber, agriculture and mining.