Health & Welfare

Health & welfare           

At GADA we believe that every person deservesgun control essay introduction to have access to healthcare and welfare is essential for any individual to maintain good personal health and quality of life.

Every human being should have access to opportunities that serve toward maintaining the holistic health of the individual and their communities without dehumanising barriers imposed by outside forces…

“Clinic in a Box” is a project run by Sick Be Nourished Charity.  The aim of the project is to donate a box of medical equipment to clinics across Africa. Alongside supporting this project we aim to establish a distribution network for the delivery of products such as sanitary products, clothing donations and essential daily items to medical centres, orphanages and schools to develop social welfare across Africa. We also will provide free information and tips to help the people maintain good hygiene in their day to day lives and to avoid the spread of common diseases.

(pic) Ambassador Ras Seenaa Habte Wold is gifting 4000 Birr to the Sheshemane Court President to support the children court services. These services support vulnerable children in court cases and provide a safe place in the court how to write a compare and contrast paragraph grounds for families to stay during the case.

The Ambassador has also contributed 2 laptop computers valued at approx 18,000 Birr to the local court to assist in the efforts to modernise working practices from paper files to electronic to better assist administration.