Education is key

We believe that restricted education is a key contributor to many global issues, in countries that are considered both “developed” and “undeveloped”. Lack of knowledge is a problem that affects the entire world and influences not only how we see the world, but how we engage with others.

The GADA centre in Sheshemane will play a large role in how we plan to contribute to education in Africa. Alongside hosting conferences, displays and events, it will house gun control persuasive essay outline an innovative think-tank hub dedicated to sustainable cultural, social and educational projects that will stretch across the continent. We are committed to housing the individuals and powerful ideas that will contribute to an “African Brain Gain”, allowing for Africa to be celebrated as a centre of modern culture and education.

A key imperative is ensuring that knowledge and education becomes more accessible, which is why we are committed to sustaining the innovative development of constructive, historically accurate resources that can be used to bridge the gap between different social and cultural communities on an international level. We hope this extensive effort will begin to heal some of the global ills that we face in the world today and help to create a better future for our children tomorrow.

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